"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power." - Ephesians 6:1

The Christian life, according to Paul is like a wrestling match. It involves struggle and not just struggle with flesh and blood (although it includes that), but spiritual struggle against spiritual enemies. Paul recognises the overwhelming nature of the struggle and he says to the Ephesians that in order to stand they must strengthen themselves in the Lord, or be strong in the Lord & his mighty power.

This idea of strengthening oneself in the Lord is one that has a long biblical heritage. So David in 1 Samuel 30 is in all kinds of trouble, Saul is pursuing him and wanting to take his life, his families town has been ransacked and his own men are ready to stone him to death because of their situation and we are told- that David regathers and strengthens himself in the Lord. I'm not 100%- as to what that looked like but it was a game changer, David was enabled to rally his men and focus them again on their mission.

Joshua also found himself in a difficult position. He was called to follow on from Moses after he died and lead his people into the ‘promised land’. He was no doubt daunted by the task ahead of him, but we are told that the Lord instructs him to be strong and courageous. Why was he to be strong and courageous? Not because he was a hero on the inside and if he only reached down into his own well of resource he would shine but rather because the Lord had called him and the Lord had promised to go with him.

All that to say; strengthen yourself in the Lord. Remind yourself of your great salvation in Christ press into him, remembering every blessing, and every hope. Don't lose hope or despair- remember who you are and the God who is for you.

Grace and peace from Marcus