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"This is what the Lord Almighty says: Take these documents, both the sealed and unsealed copies…and put them in a clay jar so they will last a long time." Jeremiah 32:14.

Administration supports the Pastor through the implementation and monitoring of the administrative management of the Church Office and assist other members fulfil their roles by providing adequate administrative support.

If you have any administration questions, queries, quandries or quizzes please contact:

Paul Badman on 0487 950004 or 02 8889 4688 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administration is responsible and accountable for:

  • Child Protection Compliance - The role of recording and ensuring all documentation is obtained and held together with the Baptist Union approved training for all current leaders was adopted. Awareness of the churches WHS and legal requirements was advertised within the Church Bulletin.
  • Workers Health & Safety (eg. Incident Report Forms) - Pursuant to the WHS Policy we have a WHS Working Group to review policy and practices, communicate to the eldership and train fire wardens and leaders. We invited our nurses to be first aid officers and conduct fire drills.
  • Church Bulletin & Church Directory
  • Policy Writing (eg. WHS) - Our policies include CreatingSafe Places Policy; Work, Health and Safety (“WHS”) Policy; Safety Guide; Leadership and Recruitment Policy; Privacy Policy (Melanie D assisted) and Food Handling and Preparation Policy (Cash Handling). Numerous associated documents also updated to our specification
  • Communicate & Provide Information
  • General Ad-hoc Church Administration

 Please request Policy documents via the above e-mail address. Thank you

God Bless


Download Date Document Policy Comment
  2014 Creating Safe Places Policy Creating Safe Places Includes hyperlinks to all procedure documents
  2013 Leadership and Recruitment Policy Leadership and Recruitment Ministries guidelines for the appointment leaders and helpers
  2014 Privacy Policy Privacy Subject to the Privacy Act 1988
  2014 Work Health & Safety Policy Work Health & Safety Covers response process for incidents and emergency evacuation procedures
  2012 Safe Church Policy Leadership and Recruitment Handout for new volunteers. Safe Leaders and Programs.


2012 Keeping the Balance Flyer Creating Safe Places  



2012 Responding to Kids at Risk Flyer Creating Safe Places Reporting of a child at risk of harm



2012 Electronic Communication Guidelines Creating Safe Places  



2013  Risk of Significant Harm Form Creating Safe Places Reporting a child or young person at risk of significant harm
2014 Parent Permission Note Leadership and Recruitment Mainly adapted for StoneFish
download 2014 Safe Place Register Leadership and Recruitment Current List of WWCC, Workshop Training and Forms
  2014 Leadership Application Form Leadership and Recruitment Details of the new Leader including optional First Aid and Driver information
  2014 Leadership Conduct Covenant Leadership and Recruitment To be referred to should there be a breach of conduct
download 2014 Approval for Ministry Leadership and Recruitment Accountability tool for risk management for your program for the year/semester/event
download 2014 Leadership/Employee Interview Leadership and Recruitment For new paid staff employees
download 2014  Checklist for New Volunteers Leadership and Recruitment Completed by the new volunteer for their benefit of knowing their responsibilities
download 2014 Ministry Review Leadership and Recruitment Potentially completed yearly
download 2014 Child Information Form Leadership and Recruitment  
download 2014 Emergency Evacuation Procedures Work Health & Safety  
download 2014 Response Process for Incidents Work Health & Safety  
download 2014 Incident Report Work Health & Safety  
download 2014 Cash Handling and Transfer Work Health & Safety  
download 2014 Risk Assessment Form Work Health & Safety