"Christian" or Disciple

"Christian" or Disciple

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LogoCHURCH NEWS - November 2017

"Christian" or Disciple

"And Jesus said to them, "Follow me" Mark 1:17

According to Dallas Williard the word disciple is only used twice in the New Testament. Yet for us- who belong to Jesus, it is the primary word that we use to describe ourselves or others who belong to Christ. Does that seem odd to you? In one sense- "no", twice is still twice, and Christian is not bad word, after all it includes "Christ". But "Christian" to me is one of those words that has been so widely utilised in our culture that its meaning has been a little lost and it it has become "blurry". So much so, that I think for some the idea that someone could call themselves, "Christian" and yet not see themselves as disciples or learners of Jesus could be seen as legitimate or possible. Being "Christian", has been seen as someone who at some stage "invited Jesus into their hearts", and has the equivalent of Charlie and the chocolate factory's golden ticket into eternity. But is this what being a Christian is? Christianity is meant to involve apprenticeship to Jesus. jesus is looking for disciples who seek to "be with him, in order that they might become like him", not just people hanging onto their golden ticket and living in much the same way as their unbelieving friends and family. But Jesus- is Lord and King. He is authentic humanity. he is the way, the truth and the life, not an entry ticket. Indian leader- Gandhi, apparently once said- "I love your Jesus, but not your Christians. If more of them were like him then you would have won India by now". Now that sounds like a challenge.

Grace and peace from Marcus

Riverstone Carols

On Saturday the 2nd of December we have our annual carols event. This is an oppotunity to go out into our own neighbourhood and declare the goodness of God in the gift of his Son. So put it in the diary and plan to be there.

Vision Sunday & Dedication

On Sunday the 19th November we have our next Vision Sunday service where we celebrate "beong transformed", to bear the image of God into our world. It will also be a dedication service for little Zoe Conroy. It will be a cracking morning so plan to come along!

Leaders Meeting

Attention all ministry team leaders- Sunday the 26th November is our next leaders meeting. It will be at 7:30pm at the Reid's place. Look forward to praying, dreaming and working together toward God's purpose in our church.

Safe Church Training

We want to give a heart felt thanks to all those who took time to come to this training. Your're a massive blessing and thanks for serving.

Annual General Meeting

Sunday 19th Novmeber after the service. This is for all memebers and particpants in our church family. This is an important meeting where we nominate officers and set the budget for 2018. We will be blessed by your presence.

Prayer Meeting 

Please join us before each Sunday morning service at 9:15 am near the kitchen to pray for our service and kid’s ministries, our home groups, Bridge Café, church growth and the Riverstone community. 

Bible Study & Prayer Group

We welcome you to join us in a small group to build long-lasting friendships and to grow together in Christ. 

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. 

John 15:4 (NIV)

Regular Ministries of our Church

Bible Study and Prayer Groups - If you are looking to join a group please contact Marcus

Children's Ministries - Play Date, The Ark, WAVES, JAM Time

Stone Fish Youth - Years 6-12, Friday nights, 7-9pm at the church

Sermon Recordings - missed a service? download them for free from our website.

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