“All people on earth will be blessed through you.” (Gen.13:3)

In Genesis 12, we see that God sets his heart on Abram. He chooses him and calls him, telling him that he has resolved to make him into a great nation. But Abram’s election is not only to be a blessing to Abram himself- but his election has a purpose- in fact his election is much bigger than him. Scripture tells us that the blessing on Abram was a blessing that would result in all of the people’s on earth, being blessed through him.”

Abram was childless and old. His wife was barren and God promised to bless him with a child. This in itself was an extraordinary promise. But it was just the beginning of what God had in mind for Abram. His election, and his being chosen would lead to the birth of a nation, ultimately it would lead to the birth of a king- the Messiah, King Jesus, whose life, saving death and resurrection would indeed be the basis of blessing for all nations. Surprisingly though, the implications of the election of Abram, although largely fulfilled in the coming of Christ- still play out for us here and now.

If we are in Christ, we too are blessed, chosen in order that we might be a blessing to the nations. This is mission, being chosen by God in order to be a blessing. We talked about something of the blessing we have received in Christ last week through Ephesians, but remember it all culminated in us being God’s workmanship called to do good works, put simply we are blessed to be a blessing.

Grace and peace from Marcus