“Go therefore to every ethnic group and help them become my apprentices.”

The assumption of Jesus early program for his people on earth was that they would live their lives as his students and co-labourers. They would find him so admirable in every respect- wise, beautiful, powerful and good- that they would seek to be in his presence and be guided, instructed and helped by him in every aspect of their lives. He is the living head of the community of prayerful love across all time and space. On that assumption, his promises to his people were that he would be with them in every moment. More generally, the provisions that he made for his people during this period in which we now live are provisions for those who are precisely apprentices to him in kingdom living.

The effect of continuous study under Jesus would naturally be to learn how to do everything we do in the name of Jesus (Col. 3:17); that is, on his behalf or in his place; that is, once again as if he himself were doing it. And of course, that means we will learn to conform to “everything I have commanded you (Matt. 28:20). In his presence our inner life will be transformed, and we will become the kind of people for whom his course of action is the natural and supernatural course of action. Plainly in the eyes of Jesus there is no good reason for not doing what he said to do, for he only tells us to do what is best.

Grace and peace from Marcus
Taken from the Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Williard